Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looking Back

It is two days after Election Day. The world is still spinning, all the major players are still alive, and the aliens haven't descended from far stars to take over our brains... So much for conspiracy theory's!
Life is settling back into the normalcy that marks the days between our major elections. As an added plus, the radio is no longer choked with political ads.... Just in time for the Christmas ads to begin. Having worked in the back rooms of a very popular Helena radio station network, I can say this time of year was the most challenging and stressful time of the year. Not just every four years, but every political "season". I was listening to my past employer last week and I can say that my replacement DID NOT do her homework on who was running for what office. On many occasions I heard two ads back to back of opponents running for the same position. I wanted to call and let the station manager know, but then I thought"Hey, this isn't my problem anymore!" I took much pride in my job during the years I was there, but received very little thanks or recognition. Now, I am not someone who needs to be told they are doing a good job, nor do I need a constant pat on the back, but once or twice a year a heartfelt thank you, or a "good job" would have been nice. Hell, I rarely even got a "Hello". I really miss the job, many of my fellow co-workers, but not the work environment. I lasted longer than anyone else that had previously held my position, but after years of being treated like crap, I knew it was time to move on. That was two years ago this week. At the time, walking out of the managers office after telling him off then cleaning out my desk was the scariest, yet most empowering thing I had ever done in my life. Hours later, I began to re-think this decision... what had I done? How would I pay my bills? What Now?!!
Flash forward to present day--- Here I sit at my current job. Leaving the radio station really wasn't as life shattering as I thought it would be. I now know I can survive for a few weeks without a paycheck, can find employment if I need to, and, most of all, can walk out of something I feel is not working well for me. There is no reason to be chained to a job where you feel unappreciated or unwelcome at. Yeah, I know, basic stuff, but at 38 the concept of leaving the security of my employment was very scary! I am much more relaxed now, not as stressed out, and really enjoy my present job... even if it doesn't have the options of health insurance and 401k's.

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ohn said...

This post is really well timed. I have spent a few hours over the past few days looking for work that makes me happier. I enjoy my job but after being self employed for so many years it is getting harder for me to "punch a clock" again. I love working from home and feel the need to go back to that.

(Oh, and a suggestion for the you have a university any where near you that has a dental school? They will take care of you for minimal or no cost:)