Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Winter Warm-Up

It seems winter has tried to miss us here in Montana this year. I have watched the news reports about winter storms causing problems in the Mid-west and the Eastern part of the US while we were enjoying temps anywhere from 40-70 degrees here. Not anymore! We had a winter storm pass through the state yesterday covering most of the state with a very Christmas like blanket of snow and dropping the mercury into the single digits. It is supposed to be a very chilly 9 degrees Ferinheit tonight. In order to warm the insides up tonight I am going out for hot wings and beer after work with Joe and our friend Doug. YUM! We go to a local restaurant/bar called The Sting. They serve the best wings around here. These aren't those puny little things many of the places serve around here. You know what I am talking about. Yeah, those pre-breaded greasy things that don't seem to have any actual meat on them. The Sting's wings are the WHOLE wing, and they are HUGE! They even have a variety of sauces to choose from. Being a regulars to the place, Joe and I have decided our favorite flavor is the regular BBQ on the wings, served with a side of the original hot sauce. We pour the hot flavor over the BBQ'd wings for a spicy BBQ flavor.
OK, some of you are appalled at even the thought of eating something as messy as a saucy hot wing in a public place. I can appreciate that, but when over half of the patrons are eating the same messy entree as you, licking sauce from thier fingers and enjoying their cold beers, just like you, the feelings of self conscientiousness fade. But, if you just can't make yourself eat anything with your fingers, might I suggest the boneless "wing" selection from the menu!

Now, a little update. I did put out a few Christmasy things this past weekend. I am still not sure how much I will decorate, but I think I will get more into the spirit as the holiday gets closer. Maybe when I put up the tree? Speaking of that, I think I will put up the fake tree this year. I don't know how good Krystle will be at keeping a live tree watered. The fake tree is also easier to clean up and put away after the holidays, too! I am still leaning towards home made gifts for the majority of my friends and family. Of course, I will go shopping for all the little kids. I think I am looking forward to seeing their happy, giggling faces more than anything this season. Christmas is so magical for the young ones. At times I wish I could go back to those simpler years. You know, before all the cycnicism set in.

OK... Now it is time to sign off and go get messy! Mmmmmmm......

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