Friday, June 19, 2009

31 and holding!

Yesterday was my birthday... I turned 31, again, for the 10th time! LOL
It was a good day. Nothing extra special happened, but many little things made me smile and those added up.
Now, I am not the type who likes anyone to make a huge fuss over me... and I have never had a party for my birthday since I was out of school. That is fine with me. Here is how my day full of tiny blessings progressed:
I woke up for work in Helena. It was a bright sunny morning. It usually rains on my birthday. My mood was great right from the start.
Krystle woke up late, as usual, and ran around the house like the proverbial chicken so she could make it to her job on time. Her mind wasn't on what day it was, so I didn't feel slighted when she ran out the door with a hurried "Bye, Mom!" yelled across the house.
Just as I finished getting myself ready for work, and about to give Brookie-Dog her kibble and water, my cell phone rang. It was Heather calling, answering my "Hello, Heather!" with "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" The little girl usage was cute and made me laugh. I stayed on the phone with her for about 30 minutes... yes, I would be late to work, but not by much. Joe is SO understanding and I knew he wouldn't be upset.
While on the phone, I watered the flowers, strawberries, and herbs on my front porch, which are doing great! I noticed the first berry was turning pink, with many new flower buds starting to form. I have about 15 green berries on the two plants. I can't wait to eat them! Just seeing all these plants doing so well boosted my mood even more.
Brooke was being extra lovey, which is strange for her. She usually only allows humans into her personal space for about 5 minutes. Yesterday she followed me all over, and insisted-- yes, the dog who hates attention-- insisted that I scratch her head and shoulders! I think she was just itchy, but I'm telling myself she was saying "Happy Birthday, I'll let you touch me today!"
Just as I was driving down the driveway, I got a text message. From Krystle. In all caps, it read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!!!" I grinned. I knew she would remember.
The ride to work was beautiful. June is a lovely month to see Montana. Everything is green and the birds and animals are out with their young. The Prickly Pear creek was running clear and the Missouri River was reflecting the sun on it's ripples creating the effect of diamonds on the water. Hawks, Osprey, and even a few Eagles were hunting for their breakfasts over the fields and rivers. The few antelope herds that live near I-90 came out of hiding. They were running full tilt playing a game of chase, and it looks like they had a good batch of babies this year. Speaking of babies, the two Osprey nests I can see from the highway had a couple of tiny heads bobbing around in them. I think the animal kingdom was happy the rain and clouds had gone away for a day!
When I arrived at work, I had to suppress a giggle (there were customers in the showroom, I was just out of sight in the back room looking at my work station). Joe had decorated my area. Balloons, a Happy Birthday banner, cards, a gift box, and a bouquet of flowers!
When all the customers had left, I opened the cards (funny ones, one from him and one from Brooke! LOL) and my gift. It was a new watch. My last one had just stopped last month, and I hadn't gone watch shopping yet. Nothing fancy, with a canvas and leather band. He knows my tastes and my skin sensitivities. It was probably the one and only thing I would have wanted... had I even thought about what I would have liked for a birthday gift. Sometimes your best friend knows you better than you know yourself!
Around lunchtime, Joe went into the office and came back into the shop with two pieces of cake! At least he didn't put a candle on it! I'm not much of a cake eater, so he only bought one of those 4x4 one layer jobbies. It was perfect!
About three o'clock the biggest surprise of the day happened. My sister in law called me! I haven't spoken to her since Christmas. We've gone years without speaking, not out of hatred, but just because we are busy. We love each other dearly. We talked for an hour, ending with promises to talk more often. I then asked her if she was on Facebook. Yes, she is! Now we will be connected! Facebook can come in handy! hahaha
My mom called to wish me a good day, and we made plans to have dinner in Helena on Saturday evening at Chili's, combining my birthday and Father's Day.
My good friend, Deanna, who lives in another town, called me, too! We chatted for quite a long time before I had to get off the phone to finish up some last minute things at work.
After work, Joe and I headed to our usual Geocaching meeting (every third Thursday of each month). I walk in to Ryan's Station... as soon as our friend Greg sees me he very loudly wishes me a Happy Birthday... only to apologize larer for embarrassing me. I had to laugh... I wasn't embarrassed. It was great to be in the company of some great friends for dinner.
After dinner, laughs, tall stories, margaritas, and some semblance of a meeting thrown in the mix, we all headed home. Joe and I stopped at Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. I had cake earlier, so here was the ice cream! We sat on Joe's porch enjoying the mild evening, watching the sun set.
I got onto the computer before heading to bed, and many of my far away friends... and cyber friends, too, wished me well.
I feel truly gifted to have so many friends who did their small part to make my day great.
AND, that, folks... was what I called an amazing Birthday! I fell asleep contented, happy, and all warm and fuzzy inside.
Isn't that what it's really supposed to be about? A celebration of life?
Thank you, everyone! I am blessed!


Colorado Girl said...

Wow! What a day! Happy belated b-day.

Montana Mountain Man said...

Had I known, I too would have emailed some greetings of Happy Birthday.

I will send some belated stuff to your personal email address.

Happy 31st, again!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a great day!

I make a rule that I never work on my birthday, buy hey if you get treated like that at work I don't blame you for going in!

I recently saw an article that said people were stretching the 30s these days, claiming to be thirty-ten, etc. I guess that makes me thirty-sixteen soon...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Michele said...

Thanks for the greetings, CO Girl, CRC, and MTN Man.

CRC- I guess I would be Thirty-eleven then! LOL