Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey, Ya'll! Howa Been?

Things have been pretty good here. With the middle of May already here, the weather has finally decided to be more "spring-like" than "winter-like" after that last freaky record breaking storm that passed through the last week of April. Since then, the skies have been more friendly! A bit of blue sky and sunshine, followed by three or four days of mostly cloudy and some rain showers. Yeah... that is what spring is supposed to be like! We have had some pretty windy conditions, but I can deal with that!

Pansy's in planters along my front deck rail.

With the weather warming up a bit, I decided to tempt fate and buy some flowers for the planters that I like to have on my front deck. I bought a flat of Pansy's and a cool looking Daisy-like flower that has white petals and a pretty purple centers. While at the store, I saw a really nice looking tomato plant and a couple of strawberry plants. Now I was REALLY tempting fate as around here (Central Montana) the general rule of thumb is "If you plant before Memorial Day weekend, you have a high risk of freezing out". I am hoping I get lucky this year and we don't have a late-season freeze! My brand-new tomato plant has three blossoms on it, and the strawberries have flower buds forming.
My new tomato plant (back) and Daisy's with purple centers.

Hmmm, what else? Well, Mother's Day came and went without much fuss. I did go out to dinner with my mom on Saturday evening. Helena has a really great Chinese restaurant called The Jade Garden, and it is our families favorite place to go "out to eat". It was good, as always. Sunday, I caught a quick glimpse of Krystle as she was headed out of the house. Yep, I got a "Happy Mothers Day, Mom" from her. Joe and I went out to IHOP for breakfast. I wanted to try their strawberry stuffed french toast. Our food was cold... the coffee luke warm... No excuse, as they weren't busy yet! A very bad IHOP experience. Oh well! Joe left Helena for Great Falls by noon which left me home alone. It was a beautiful afternoon so I worked uninterrupted in my yard, shopped for the previously mentioned plants, plotted my veggie garden spot, crocheted a kitchen pot scrubbie, read some, played online a little, took a long hot shower, and went to bed late. It was a very good day! Heather did call me on Monday morning first thing to wish me a late Happy Mom's Day. She had spent her Mother's day out of cell phone range at a local lake. My feelings weren't hurt because she didn't call on Sunday. I had just talked to her on Saturday, so I really wasn't expecting a call. I did get a call from my ex-husband (the kids dad) wishing me a good day. I hope all you other Moms out there had a day as good to you and mine was to me!

Spring Plants: Tomato, Daisies, two small strawberry plants (to be re-planted in my garden once it is ready), two pansy plants that didn't fit into the rail-planters, and mint seeds (under plastic... my version of a mini-greenhouse).

Yep, that is 'bout it! Life is currently set on cruise control. That IS a good thing, once in a while. Today the sun is shining in and out of fluffy white clouds. The Air Force is out playing with their toys... those expensive fighter jet toys! I love to hear them flying above the city, and enjoy watching them whenever I get a chance. They remind me of the awesome country I live in, and the freedoms I am lucky to have!

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Chief Rock Chef said...

Hope you don't get a freeze out!

Your view looks fantastic! Don't think I have seen that before.