Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh No!....She DIDN"T!!

Ahh... the wonderful life of customer service!
Let me relate the latest and greatest phone conversation I had with a woman:

Me: Good Afternoon, Action Wireless!
She: Yeah.... Umm... I have a question.
Me: OK.
She: I bought a used phone from you not to long ago.
Me (she paused and was expecting a comment): OK.
She: I lost the battery cover thingy. Do you have one?
Me: What type of phone? (nearly all the callers think I am psychic.)
She: A piece of crap Motorola 551.
Me: Ok, we have the battery door. They are $10.
Me: Yes, ma'am. All of our battery doors are $10.
She: But it came off because the push-button thingy that keeps the cover in place is broken. It has been since I bought this piece of crap from your store. That is why I lost the back, because it kept falling off.
Me: When did you purchase the phone?
She: In January.
Me: It is now the end of April. The phone only has a 30 day warranty. Had you brought it in during those thirty days we would have fixed that problem for free. Now in order to fix the problem so you don't loose another battery door, we would have to charge you $10- $15, depending on what needs to be done to it.
She: SOooo (she is getting a bitchy tone here)-- You want me to pay $10 for a back, PLUS another $10 or $15 for repairs on a phone that I purchased defective from you in the first place?
Me (realizing I am dealing with someone who has the IQ of a mouse): Like I just said, had you brought it in during the 30 day warranty period, we would have fixed the problem for free. That is what the warranty is for.
She (All high and mighty... said in a haughty, condescending tone): I have spent alot of money in your store. This is the second phone I have bought from you. The first one just stopped working after a month and a half. Now, this one. Plus, I have purchased chargers that just stop working or fall apart. NOW you won't fix this issue for me?
Me: ( getting a tad irritated): We WILL fix it for $20-25 dollars. I am sorry you had such bad luck with your previous phone, and, just so you are aware, we do have a lifetime warranty on all of our chargers. If it hasn't been physically damaged, we will replace it for free, as long as you bring in the malfunctioning charger.
She: I know, I was told that.... but I never had my bad charger with me when I had to get a new one.
Me (after thinking to myself "if you knew the policy, and you didn't bring in the broken one, why are you bitching about how much money you HAD to spend?")-- trying to stay calm and reasonable: So, ma'am, you keep coming to our store even though you believe our products are crap?
She: (Angry) I DID NOT say your products are crap, and there is no reason for you to be getting all bitchy with me!!
Me (Breath deep.... Stay calm.....): Ma'am, you called your present phone a piece of crap, you blame us for the misfortune of your first purchase, AND you claim our chargers fall apart. Excuse me for getting a little irritated with you after you attacked our company and our integrity. No one made you, as you claim, "Spend alot of money" here, and you are free to take your money elsewhere. (OK. I didn't manage the Stay Calm part-- LOL)
She: Well you don't have to be a F***ing C**t!!!
Then she hung up on me!

I just stared at the phone for about two seconds, then burst out laughing! A bit shocked, because the only person who had ever called me that was my ex-husband during a few of the fights that preceded the divorce. Coming from a stranger, those words really didn't have the emotional impact that they would have had I actually known this lady. Lady is used very loosely in this context!

This was last week. I still don't know what set her off like that. Was she upset that I was not going to repair her phone for free because she didn't take the time to bring it in during warranty? Was she upset because I reminded her we live in a society where she could choose where she spends her money? Was she used to bully-ing her way into getting everything she wants?
I guess I'll never know.

I won't be loosing any sleep over it, either.

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Of course there is no reason to think that SHE might be the cause of all these things inexplicably suddenly going wrong...