Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A few images from my latest trip to Washington

Bright Flowers for sale at Pike Street Market; Seattle, WA.

I have been pretty active these past few months. I have gone to Washington twice, climbed a 9422 foot mountain, took a trip up to Kalispell and Glacier National Park (over Labor Day weekend and it snowed!) where we took a boat tour of Two Medicine Lake, drove up to the Canadian boarder on the east side of the park, finally saw Chief Mountain, saw Running Eagle Falls, saw two bears (black, technically, but one was a beautiful cinnamon color), saw an awesome exhibit about DaVinci at the Museum of the Rockies in Bozeman, met many new friends through Geo-Woodstock and other Geocaching events, grew a garden that looks great, but produced poorly (bad year for many gardeners, I hear), and learned how to can-- aka, "Put -Up" or "Preserve"-- many types of foods.

On the household side of things, Krystle moved out, then back in... my new computer FINALLY arrived (!!)... and Joe, who has been suffering with a hernia for two years, finally had to go in for emergency surgery last week and I was the only person in the area who could take care of him.

All that, and more! We have our business plan submitted to MBAC/SBA and they have been helping us try to get the shop open. Congress says there is money to loan for start-ups, but the banks are all saying "NO!". It's been a long process, but someday we will be able to move ahead on this.

Here are a couple more photos. Many more to come.

How can you go to the Pike Street Market and not take This photo?!!

Snoqualmie Falls; Snoqualmie, Washington...the second time I have been to this spot this year (July 1-5, and Sept 11th).
(Check out the very top of the falls...there are large earth movers up there (yes, that smudge of yellow on the far bank)! I framed them in on purpose for perspective on the size of the waterfall!)


tz said...

love the sunflower picture, you could so frame that and hang it up!

Michele said...

Thanks, TZ! I really love the colors. It was so dreary that day in Seattle and these flowers were so bright that I had to take a photo. The lady I was visiting bought a bundle to take home that day.