Thursday, July 9, 2009

The best laid plans....

I was planning on writing part two of my Washington trip, and adding some more photos last night, but Mother Nature had another idea for me.
We have been having some pretty severe weather passing through the Helena area and last night was no exception.
Like many of natures shows, this one was beautiful! The sun was setting through the rain storm making the west glow orange with the occasional lightning strike for punctuation. As the storm quickly moved to the east my home was in it's path, causing some power flickers, so I shut down all the electronic stuff. I did look out the window and saw a full double rainbow, but the rain was coming down too hard to take my digital camera (or cell phone) outside. I love rain storms so I stood at my front door and watched.
The storm moved on, the clouds reflecting the sunset, which made them a brilliant mixture of pinks and oranges.
As the sun set, and the weather cleared, I once again turned on the home computer to write a post.... then I heard sirens in the distance. One, no big deal. Two, must have been an accident. But by the time I registered there were four or five emergency vehicles I just had to look! I could see some smoke rising from a forested hill about four miles from my house and a stream of flashing red lights heading towards it. One of those lightning strikes had started a fire.
With Brooke (my dog) "singing" along with the sirens, and the curiosity that is human nature... I abandoned the blog post and sat on my porch watching until it was full dark.
I will finish "part 2", and also "What I did on the 4th" this weekend. I promise! I have tons of photos to share!


Jamie D. said...

Wow - exciting night up there! I hope the fire got put out okay, without threatening your place.

Rock Chef said...

We love watching storms. It has been quite stormy recently, but nothing to match the amazing electrical storm that we saw last summer. No rain, just stunning flashes and forks of lightning. We just sat in the garden to watch it.

Michele said...

Jamie, It was far enough away to not be a threat to me, but there are quite a number of homes in that area. I hope it was put out, too.

CRC-HS, I love watching electrical storms, but living in an area that has been plagued with seven really dry years... if there is no rain, then there is fire. I don't live in a forested area, but some of my friends do and I worry about them.