Monday, August 3, 2009

Goal setting: 101 goals in 1001 days

I have been working on this for the past week. I really didn't think it would be so hard to come up with 101 things to accomplish over the next three years. The last 10 were REALLY hard to come up with. BUT... here it is. Posted for everyone to see so I can't back out of it! hahaha I will post updates on occasion just to let you know I am still on track.

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

Here we go. Starting August 1, 2009; here are the 101 things I'm going to try to accomplish in 1001 Days. Well, actually 1095 days because it was easier to figure out the weeks and months if I bumped it up to three FULL years instead of 2 ¾ years.

My 101 Goals to Accomplish in 1001 1095 Days
( Three Full Years)


1. Extend Porch over door
2. Screen Door frame fixed / replaced
3. Porch painted yearly (0/3)
4. Repair / Replace shingles on garage roof
5. Fix / Replace heater in hot tub
6. Install patio area or lower deck for BBQ and hot tub
7. Patio or low deck placed between house and garage w/ arbor and fairy lights
8. Paint exterior of house and garage
9. Start saving for sprinkler system
10. Lawn started
11. Clean out garage once a year (0/3)
12. Minimize grasshopper impact each year (0/3) *Started 7/09
13. Fix Hydrant pipe

14. Paint or tile kitchen sink backsplash and sink wall. Replace laminate across counter front.
15. Fix laundry door
16. Paint Bathrooms (0/2)
17. Replace shower enclosure in main bath
18. Replace flooring in bathrooms (0/2)
19. Purchase area rug for living room
20. Install Higher exhaust pipe on furnace
21. Replace kitchen faucet
22. Put doors on open kitchen shelves ( or install new cabinets)
23. Fix outside outlet
24. New(er) energy efficient washer and drier
25. Make kids old room into office / library
26. Wash all mini-blinds at least once a year (0/3)
27. Replace broken door knobs and mouldings
28. Make a door from garage to back yard


29. Expand garden each year: (16x16) (16x24) (16x36)
30. Order and plant trees from extension office for wind / dust control.
31. Plant fruit trees (small orchard – apple, pear, plum, or cherry? Research This!)
32. Plant maple trees
33. Cut consumption of sodas to special occasions only
34. Eat “out” only one time or less a week.
35. Try one new main dish meal every month ( 0/36)
36. Build a greenhouse / grasshopper deterrent
37. Start seeds indoors by April 1st each year (0/3)
38. Learn how to can, or otherwise preserve, foods.
39. Make and jar own salsa and tomato sauce.
40. Make my own Vanilla Extract and Kahlua
41. Try to grow a tea tree.
42. Study about (and plant) basic cooking and medicinal herbs.
43. Buy a chest freezer
44. Purchase half a beef
45. Purchase half a hog
46. Finish cutting, sorting, and storing loose recipes in binders. *started 7/09
47. Learn about raising (and harvesting) chickens for eggs and meat.
48. Create flower garden with bird bath and feeders as focal points.
49. Cook one very nice meal a week, just for me (from The Pleasure is All Mine (or similar) Cookbook.
50. Make a new soup once a month. Serve with home made bread and butter. (0/36)


51. Get rid of 100 items per room:
Kitchen- 0/100
Bedroom- 0/100
Living Room- 0/100
Garage- 0/100
52. Learn to play an instrument (at least 3 songs)
53. Get rid of all clothing I have not worn in over 12 months.
54. Get job with State (at least one state ap per month 0/36)
55. Loose 90 pounds, at least 30 each year. (0/90)
56. Keep writing goals: Blog or journal writing daily,
One short story a month (0/36)
Year 1 create outline, plot, & characters for new WIP
Year 2 & 3 write it!
57. Be to work on time!
58. Do Yoga at least one time a week
59. Take walk or hike once a week (0/156)
60. Watch one foreign or classic DVD a week (0/156)
61. Go camping at least once a summer (besides RTR) (0/3)
62. Take at least one bubble bath a month (0/36)
63. Learn about celebrations of the solstices
64. Visit one museum or cultural center each quarter (0/12)
65. Learn to fly fish.
66. Do something that pushes my mind, body, and spirit farther than I think they can go.


67. Call Fosters at least once a week.
68. See parents at least once a week.
69. Help Krystle find apartment and move.
70. Go to Kalispell at least once a quarter (0/12)
71. Find and communicate with only cousin
72. Visit Steph
73. Revive three old friendships that have grown distant (0/3, who)
74. Visit Billings and Missoula at least twice a year to see friends (B 0/6; M 0/6)
75. Turn three current acquaintances into good friends (0/3, who)
76. Stay in at least one of Glacier’s hotels or Chalets.
77. Make three new friends (0/3, who)


78. Learn to knit
79. Knit gifts for friends / family (dish towels, hat, socks, scarf, ?)
80. Finish Joe’s afghan
81. Do one ceramic project a year (0/3)
82. Do one stained glass project and give it as a gift
83. Take a watercolor class
84. Take a tole painting class
85. Make a quilt
86. Finish Hummingbird cross stitch project
87. Finish crocheted kitchen curtains
88. Take a class on natural fibers, use a spinning wheel


89. Donate one dollar to a charity for every goal not accomplished in time.
90. Purchase and Read “Back to Basics”. Practice doing things it talks about
91. Purchase and Read The Encyclopedia of Country Living
92. Try home made laundry soap
93. Get Income taxes finished each year by March 1st.
94. Replace American Flag Yearly (0/3)
95. Get fuel efficient car
96. Take a boat ride on one of the Glacier Lakes


97. Buy a lawn mower
98. Buy a weed eater
99. Buy a new BBQ
100. Buy a new Laptop computer
101. Boat motor


Jamie D. said...

Wow! Great job...that's a very extensive list of goals (impressive too).

I miss bubble baths...we don't have a bathtub big enough at the moment. And you might be interested to know that I have a set of unfinished crocheted kitchen curtains to finish too. :-)

I wish you the best of luck with your goals - and I'll look forward to hearing about them again as you meet them!

Michele said...

Jamie- Impressive, yes...BUT I do have three years to finish them!

Montana Mountain Man said...

Yeehaw girl. You sure have guts to put all of this out there for the world to see.

I don't even make one new years resolution as I have a To Do list longer than years left to live.

Good luck, and remember, now their are lots of eyes watching you.