Thursday, August 6, 2009

A really, really quick post...

...But I will try to cover everything!

The garden would be doing great if the deer wouldn't have found it. They ate all my green tomatoes (6 at the time) and my (so far) one and only bell pepper that was the size of a baby's fist. They also stomped all over one of the squash plants.
All of the radishes have been harvested. I learned that if I sliced them thin they weren't too bad in a salad! I have a few left in the fridge. Carrots are about the size of my pinkie, and lettuce continues to grow nicely. I did resort to Sevin bug killer and treated the areas around the garden. The next few days I was literally walking over a grasshopper killing field! There must have been hundreds of them! Seriously. I am a grasshopper killer on a major scale and I am not upset about it one teeny-tiny bit! Now that they are gone the parsley, carrots, and lettuce are able to grow! I do have weird patches where the hellions killed the young plants by eating them continuously all the way to the ground. I will have to do another treatment soon as I am seeing evidence of encroachment of the bugs from outside the treated area.

Work has been very busy. Word of mouth seems to be the way many customers are finding us. I guess that means people are happy with our work! I am also happy to tell everyone that I found someone to car pool with. Joe found a post on Craig's List asking for a driver three days a week to Great Falls and back to Helena. I called, we met, the first week went great! Her name is Michelle, too! Strange, huh? She doesn't like to drive as much, so I am the driver and she pays half the gas. She also likes Books on CD, too, so I don't have to stop listening to them. Works out great.

Life is going good. I went to a Dr's appt two weeks ago. Different doc, this time. She ordered a whole slew of blood work tests (I swear she drained me dry!), then put me on Flexarill and Nurotin. I am sleeping much better, and I hurt much less! YEA!!
I was able to sit and finish my "101 goals in 1001 days" AND begin actually working towards a few,too! Life is great when you don't hurt 24/7!
The only other news.... I will be heading to Rockin' the Rivers this weekend. The classic rock festival runs three days and music plays constantly from noon until about 2am Fri, Sat, and Sun. My one and only party /vacation of the year. This will be my 10th year (it has only been running 11). Weather looks unsettled, so we may get rained on, but Hey! That is part of the fun! Of the 10 years, it has only rained badly only three or four times.... but then it clears up and is nice the rest of the time. Oh yeah, it did snow one Friday night! That was insane, but it warmed up to 75 on Saturday and in the 80's on Sunday. This is Montana... the weather is crazy. I will be hitting the road in about 10 minutes....YeeeHAAA!
If I have signal, I will try to post a photo or two while I am at the festival!
Have a great weekend... we'll chat when I get back to civilization!


Montana Mountain Man said...

Grasshoppers - trap and fry them in a light virgin oil with just a small amount of garlic. Yum, good, and they go well in salads.

Seriously, build a frame of screen to cover the entire garden box (I've seen it and it ain't that big) and it will keep out bugs and deer, while letting the rain and sunshine in. I'll help if you buy the wood and screen. Let me know.

Angela said...

Hi Michele-

My mom has problems with the deer in their summer place in Idaho. She's a nut though, because she's always feeding them but then doesn't understand why they won't stay out of her garden.

Books on Tape- my favorite is "the Poisonwood Bible"- check it out.

I finally had a chance to do the "superior scribbler award" so you can check it out over at my blog. thanks again! (oh, I still have to figure out how to grab that icon- not good at the technical part of all this..)

Michele said...

Mountain Man: *crunch! crunch!* Hmmm... nope, not my cup of tea, but you sure can come and trap some if you want to! Thanks for the screen idea. I think I will use it next summer. (Expect an e-mail in about 10 months!)

Angela: You are welcome! I see you have a friend who can help with the award, so I won't confuse you with written instructions. Besides, it would take longer to write them than it will for someone to talk you through it! I'm looking forward to checking out a couple of your choices. Thanks for playing along!