Friday, September 26, 2008

Allergic to construction?

How are we supposed to get customers when this is where they park?! 9th Street in front of Action Wireless, Sept. 2008.
Business has been slow these past few weeks, and from the look of the road in front of the store, will continue to be slow for a while longer. The city worker my co-worker Joe spoke to said "Mid-October, sometime." Nice! Now, being slow isn't the real problem because we do have things we can do, like cleaning the store, office, and work room; doing research on the newest cell phones; looking on e-bay for great bargains; re-furbishing some of the not-so-great-looking phones we do have.
The big problem is ever since the city began this project, my health has been on a steady decline. Do you think this unearthing of 40+ years of allergens may have something to do with me feeling like crap? Today, so far, is the worst. My head is stuffy and my nose runny... yeah, and oxymoron, but I'm telling ya how it is. Breathing is a chore with barely any oxygen able to pass the sinuses, and the heaviness in my lungs. I have become a "mouth breather" for the time being causing dry mouth and sore throat. My body is itchy all over, and a general feeling of malaise has fallen upon me. I feel a good shot of Royal Crown may help clear out the crap draining down my throat, but I am at work and partaking in that sort of thing is frowned upon -- although I don't think Joe would tell the boss man if I did. In Joe's defense, a good "belt" may improve my disposition, too! A few more and I may not even care that I don't feel well! Since the good cure of alcohol is out of the question, I have taken Sudafed for the congestion, an antihistamine for the runny nose and itchiness, and Tylenol for everything else. Now, I feel like a sick zombie. Maybe I'll pretend to be cleaning under my work bench, but in reality take a quick nap....

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