Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Looking Forward To The Next Few Weeks

Sunset at Mineral Hill Wildlife Refuge
"Reflections" at Mineral Hill Wildlife Refuge.
The construction and regular fall allergies finally did me in and I stayed home from work to recoup. I feel much better today, better than I have in a few weeks. I have to say it is nice to be able to breathe normally again!
This past weekend Joe and I helped Jeff and Barb with their move... yeah, same as last weekend, but Deer Lodge does have its charm and there is much history to learn there. It looks like one more major trip with the truck and trailer and we will be done. We will do that trip in two weeks as this weekend we will be heading up into the mountains to see Albert.
Our last trip to see Albert was over the first weekend of September. The weather was nice, but a little rainy... then on Sept. 1st we woke up to about 5 inches of snow! It was pretty much gone by late afternoon when we headed back to civilization. Exactly one month later, and the weather this week has been in the low 80's and high 70's and will continue for the next few days...BUT Albert just e-mailed a warning that snow may be coming in. He is blaming us and I almost think he has a right to! If it does snow this Saturday, that will be the third time that Joe and I "brought" a snow storm in with us.
Albert's place is on the west side (barely) of the Continental Divide on an 1894 mining road. He lives "off the grid" meaning he is not connected to any power company. He is nearly self-sufficient, by producing his own electricity with a water generator and a wind generator. He utilizes a spring that flows year round for water, and cuts nearby trees for heat. His cabin is a cozy two story modern log home with a large sun room that encompasses the entire back side of the house. Even though he lives off the grid, he still enjoys many of the creature comforts many of us have come to take for granted. He has satellite TV to veg in front of, and satellite internet to stay in touch with all his friends and family. The wood stove keeps the entire house toasty while creating a relaxing, almost sleepy, atmosphere reminiscent of years gone by. At the other side of the cabin is a fully modern kitchen with a butcher block style two person bar. Zach (his dog) and Zoey (his cat) complete his tiny mountain family.
I am looking forward to spending a weekend hidden away in the mountains, coupled with the excellent company of very good friends, and a glass or two of distilled spirits. The conversation is always engaging and lively. The three of us (me, Albert, and Joe) all come from different backgrounds so there is always a new view on a subject, or a new story to share.
It looks like I will be able to head up to Kalispell in three weeks to see Heather and her family. I haven't seen Lucas since July and I don't want him to forget me! At a year and a half, I'm sure he will be a handful. Its a fun age, and I don't want to miss it. That weekend is also my mothers 65th birthday, and it is her wish for all of us to get together. It was her idea that we all meet for a birthday dinner in Kalispell. I only hope dad behaves himself with Harry (my ex-husband) and Joe behaves himself with Mike (Heathers husband). Ya' Gotta Love Family! hahaha


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