Thursday, September 25, 2008

My commute

I live in Helena, but work 83 miles away in Great Falls. Invariably, people ask "Why don't I just move to Great Falls to avoid the drive?" To answer this simply, because I don't WANT to avoid the drive. There are many people who have an hour commute, but never see scenery like I do. This photo is taken along my drive. I follow the Missouri River most of the way, and when I'm not, I follow the Little Prickly Pear canyon. It's an awesome drive! Not one trip goes by that I don't see some form of wildlife. One day last spring as I was driving past a wheat field outside of Cascade, a baby antelope began to run along beside me. He was about 75 yards in, behind the fence, so I wasn't worried about hitting him. I just slowed a bit so I could watch his form, and laughed out loud with sheer delight. His mama must have called him back in whatever way they do, because he stopped suddenly and ran back to the herd.
I have seen foxes, deer, blue herons, eagles and ospreys. Flocks of geese and swans fly overhead during the seasonal migrations. I even spy the occasional human waist deep in the river waters, or floating along with the current in various shaped boats.
No, I don't want to give up this little communion with Mother Nature. I don't think of my drive as a commute either... more of a daily mini-vacation. This is how I prepare for the day, then how I unwind after work. What do YOU do?


troutbirder said...

Wish I had such a beautiful drive like that. I do remember catching some nice browns on the Little Prickly Pear though

david said...

Right on. Just last month I had to drive to Missoula (from GF), and I didn't dread it -- I loved every minute of it. Absolutely beautiful. No where else have I lived where a 3+ hour drive would be so pleasant and breath-taking.