Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blah, just Blah!

Blah... that is how I feel. I haven't done much, nor has anything exciting happened around me. Or, if it has, I just haven't been up to noticing.
I have been suffering through a cold for a week now. It hasn't been bad enough to keep me home from work, but it is making me miserable. I'm just worried that it is going to settle into a sinus infection and make me miserable for another week.
The worst part of this cold is every time I lay down I can't breathe out of my nose, and I start coughing so badly I can't catch my breath... or until I gag. I have spent a few nights propped up into a seated position just so I can get a little sleep. Many nights I have not been able to sleep until sheer exhaustion took over, then I fell into a very restless sleep.

I don't know if it is the strange weather we are having, or if there is just a bad bug going around, but I have noticed many people are going through the same thing.

I think I may (finally) be on the upswing, and kicking it. Monday I felt awesome... at least until late afternoon when I began to drag a bit, then the congestion came back, followed by a bad night of coughing. Tuesday was so/so, but I was able to sleep pretty good last night. Today it feels as if the congestion may be breaking up, and the cough seems to be gone.

On the bright side... I haven't been eating much, so I haven't been having any trouble sticking to my diet! I guess if you look hard enough, there is always a silver lining.....


Chief Rock Chef said...

Glad to hear you are starting to get better.

Dieting by not eating is not good, even if it feels like a bonus at the time.

I am sure lots of exciting stuff has been going on all around you but you have just not seen it - famous people, robberies, streakers...

Michele said...

Famous people and robberies are just normal stuff around here!* Now the streakers on the other hand.... I don't think I would have missed that one! LOL

* DISCLAIMER -Ok, so we do have quite a few famous folks, but our crime rate is pretty low, so not many large robberies.