Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I only have 10 minutes!

Work today has been pretty busy, but it has been awhile since my last post, I just HAD to write something!
I will try to summarize last weekend... It was interesting to say the least!
The plan WAS to work on Saturday with Joe, and leave from Great Falls to go and visit my daughter and her family 200 miles north in Kalispell.
We were on our way right at 3pm, no last minute shoppers keeping us from locking up! Yea! We were both in excellent spirits, the sun was shining, the Rocky Mountain Front (where the Rockies jut right out of the plains) was visible about 30 miles to the west, blue and purple, with snow capped peaks. Beautiful!
The CD player was playing, the miles rolling under the tires...not a care in the world...until almost 5pm when suddenly the CD player stopped working...then the lights on the panel shut off, then the Battery Light came on. DAMN!
We were just passing through a tiny little (seasonal) town called East Glacier. Joe pulled over, thinking he had maybe broke a belt. Nope! All indications were pointing to the alternator up and dying. Just like that. Now this tiny little town does not have a parts store, heck it barely had a grocery store!
Kalispell is still 90 miles down the highway, on the other side of a mountain pass, and it is beginning to get dark. I call my daughter, we get the number to the parts store, call them. Yes, they have the part...no they won't let us pay for it by credit card over the phone. Finally the manager told us that we could have my daughter order the part On-line, using one of our cards, then she could go pick it up. What a pain!! By the time this was all finished, it was after 6pm.

OK... my 10 minutes is over.... Story to resume on next post! Ohhh the suspense!

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tz said...

hope your weekend just got better after that! I hate car stuff when you're on the road.