Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and Nine Inch Nails "Pretty Hate Machine"

Confused by the title of this post? Well, those are two of the cd's I listened to this week during my drives to work and home. The third pick was Billy Joel's Greatest Hits, but I actually never even put that one into the player. Why, you ask?

Well, to me, music is a HUGE part of my life, and many events can be brought back from the farthest reaches of my brain with just a song or two. This is what happened this week. I was in grade school when "The Wall" was released, but I never really listened to it until I was out of high school, married, and having some problems with depression. This cd, which is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, spoke to me on many levels. For those of you who don't know, the basic story is a Rock Star who succumbs to depression and builds "a wall" around his emotions so he will not be hurt anymore by the people who he thought loved him... and then the breaking down of that wall, leading to a mental breakdown and schizophrenic episodes.
OK, so I was nowhere near that point, but the haunting lyrics and music spoke to me back then. Now, many years later, I still enjoy the cd, but when I played it this week, I was transported back to the late 80's and early 90's. I drove home in a bit of a daze, the music filled my brain with many memories, both good and bad. BUT, that is the good part...they are now just memories of events that made me who I am today.

The cd "Pretty Hate Machine" by Nine Inch Nails is a set of songs in which Trent Reznor (the main band member) is dealing with a failing relationship and the manic feelings that go along with it. Anger, Lust, Self doubt, lashing out.... all of it. We have all been there. This CD was my therapy during my divorce! Many memories here, too, as one can imagine.

These are, and have been for many years, a couple of my treasured cd's in my collection. I am not usually one to reminisce like this, dredging up painful memories and such. Music is usually uplifting to me, which is why I listened to so much of it during the low points in my life. But sometimes the melodies actually haunt me.


Pepe Lepew said...

Listening to The Wall always left me clinically depressed. I had to stop listening to it 20 years ago.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Comfortably Numb - what a track! One of the great guitar solos, IMO.

Shane Mason said...

The Wall was my favorite album in 7th grade, I listened to it non-stop. I would be a fool or lying to say that it did not have a major impact on my life. It was HUGE.

I was not all that surprised to last year to find that, 20 years later, I still know every single lyric on the album. To me, it is an amazing piece of poetry, an epic poem at that where the story is as impressive as the words used to tell it.

Pretty Hate Machine was in my latter high school days - another favorite - I saw Trent performing it live at the first Lallapalooza. While I love every single song on it and the intensity that he puts into all of his music, 'Down In It' was my break away favorite.

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