Saturday, February 28, 2009

Takin' a Break

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but I have been busy all morning and decided to take a break and catch up on everyone else's blogs! Then I just HAD to go on over to Facebook, just to see what was going on over there! OK, yeah, I think I am addicted. Jen and Peggy-- I blame you! (But no hard feelings, OK!)
After many evenings at home eating only meals that comprised of chicken, I said to myself "Self, you need to put more meals into your freezer-- and NO CHICKEN!"
So I defrosted 12 pounds of burger this morning and got to work.
Since Krystle and I both like to make tacos, burritos, and nachos I cooked up 14 cups of taco meat. I packaged each cup separately in Zip Lock freezer bags so whenever the craving hits, one serving is already made up! OK, I confess, I only froze 13, and I make a big plate of nachos for lunch...
While the taco meat was cooling enough to package, I prepared something new from another blogger. It is called Crock Pot hamburger steaks. They are simmering away right now, and smell awesome! Joe and I will have these for supper tonight, and I will freeze whatever is left over.
Once I am done here, I am going to get off my lazy butt and make meatballs out of four pounds of burger (excellent for spaghetti, sandwiches, or in a stroganoff type sauce). I don't make them huge, only about walnut sized, so four or five is perfect for a meal. They are pre-cooked before freezing, so meal prep only includes re-heating in whatever sauce I choose.
AND, while those are cooking, I will throw together some green chili enchiladas. I freeze these two at a time in small Pyrex baking dishes. My recipe gives me enough to make five servings.

While I am doing all of that, I am also trying to catch up on my laundry. I'll have a few loads to fold before I go to bed tonight!
Tomorrow I may make a pot of spaghetti sauce, which I will freeze in one cup portions. If I am feeling up to it, I may even prepare stuffed shells or mini lasagnas with some of the sauce. If I don't do it tomorrow, it will be on the agenda for next Saturday.

OK, Breaks Over...dryer just finished! Switch laundry, then back to the kitchen!

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