Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A long lasting case of writers block!

OK, I have tried to post a few times now, and all I do is stare at the blank screen with nothing coming to mind to write. I'm sure there are things I could write about, but my mind just goes totally blank when I actually get to this point! LOL
SO... knowing that, I decided to post a few "One Liners" about what is going on with my life:

I did go up to Kalispell for Lucas' second birthday.

I did go into Glacier National Park (beautiful as always).

Easter was good, Heather cooked an excellent ham.

No, I didn't get a good chance to confront her about the stupid crap her and her husband are getting themselves into. (Damn! But there are times when you see your kids happy, and everyone else is happy, so you don't want to throw a wrench into the whole thing.)

The weather has been, um... what is the word? Unsettled? Yep, thats it... Unsettled! Here is the summery of the past three weeks: cool, but sunny;... cool and rainy;... cold and windy; ...cold-windy-snow flurries;... warm and cloudy;... HOT (in the 80's!) and sunny (yippie!);... cool and rainy;... 65-70, sunny, but a bit breezy (actually on a weekend so we took a geocaching road trip north to Havre, a small city nearly to the Canadian border!);... cloudy and cool (50's);... clear and cool (40's)....
And now?!! We are in the middle of a winter storm warning, expecting 7-10 inches here in the city with up to two feet of new snow in the mountains. It has been snowing pretty much since 6pm yesterday, and the weather forecast says it will continue through tonight and most of tomorrow. The temps are hovering about 30 degrees, so the roads have been clear all day, but I am sure they will drop overnight which will cause the roads to ice up. The schools all closed early (which is next to unheard of here in Montana... we DON'T HAVE snow-days!!). There are many roads closed already, or with emergency travel only status, including the north-bound Interstate highway and Highway 200, which is a major east/west route. The snow is heavy and wet, and the wind is blowing about 25-30 mph here in the city. Out on the plains, I am sure the wind is really bad... creating blizzards and limited visibility. I am glad I am not driving to Helena tonight!!

Work has been steady. General life has been steady. No car troubles. No new kid troubles.
Yeah... no wonder I haven't had anything to write about! LOL

Well, that is pretty much the news here. Whoopie! LOL

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