Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yea! The storm is over!

The official snowfall total for Great Falls was 19 inches. At least that is what the TV news said last night. We might have picked up one more inch overnight, but now it seems this freak storm is finally passing us by. I have even seen the sun peeking out every so often this morning!

I count myself lucky. There were some power outages caused by trees falling on power lines, as well as some property and auto damage also caused by falling trees or breaking branches. We never had the electricity even falter, and all our trees came through.

Business was slow, of course, but I have a feeling it will begin to pick back up late this afternoon or tomorrow as the roads to all the outlying communities clear.

I am thinking of driving to Helena tonight. The Prickly Pear valley should be awesomely beautiful with all the new snow. If the light is still good when I get there, I will try to get some photos.

The weather reports for Saturday and Sunday are still calling for temps in the high 50's. That means all this new snow is going to melt fast causing some flooding. I hope the damage is minimal.
Whew! What a spring!

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