Friday, October 3, 2008

Yep, I do read other people's blogs!

"I don't mind Christians individually. It's when two or more are gathered in His name that they start to worry me."--Marc Beaudin (on his Blog: CrowVoice Journal)

I was playing online, reading random blogs by random writers that matched the keyword "Montana". I found a few that held my interest enough to make me want to follow them, and I found this gem of a quote. Yes, I did e-mail him and ask if I could quote him here... just in case some of you are purists and wanted to take me down for plagiarism! OK, so I don't confuse those of you who really know me, Yes, I am still Christian (Krystle has not converted me to an agnostic yet) and yes, I do believe the wisdom behind these words. How many wars have been fought with "God's Blessing"? Sometimes each side has their own blessing from their own particular rendition of God. Many times, the will of God is determined by "the powers that be" and preached to us lemmings every Sunday morning by the leaders of whichever church we choose to belong to. I don't think that is what religion should amount to. Now, I do have to admit that my upbringing was a convoluted mess of churches and religions. My great-grandfather was a Methodist minister, my mother would attend Luthern services on Easter and Christmas Eve, my babysitters would take me to their Baptist church when I was in their care on Sundays, and my Dad pretty much didn't have a view one way or the other. As I grew, my best friend attended a Southern Baptist church, and that is what I attended throughout my grade school and adolescent years. On a few occasions though, I would go with another friend to a Catholic church if I happened to stay over on a Saturday night. In My Opinion, the Catholics are very cult-like with all the pomp and circumstance... incense... chanting.... I didn't like it at all. When we moved away from that church (from Illinois back to Montana) I was between my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school. Without a friend to go to church with, and parents who didn't go but twice a year, I pretty much ended my church-going era. As I matured into a grown-up, I began to think of God again, but in a purely Genesis "God created all" kind of way. I do my worship my own way, in God's nature. The mountains are my Cathedrals; the rainbow reflections from waterfall spray my stained glass; the sound of wind, birds, and animals are my choir; and the rain my baptismal. THIS is my religion, and how I choose to worship. AND, I live in America and I am free to have this as my choice!

OK, back to the subject that I intended this post to be about! I have found that I really enjoy reading other people's writing, even the mundane day to day stuff, because it makes me realize my life is pretty much like so many others out there... and in some cases much better. Although, there are the ones that I read just to live vicariously through because they live life on a larger, grander scale than I ever will. For example, I am reading a blog that belongs to a mountain climber. How cool is that?! Maybe if I lost about 100 lbs and got over my fear of falling from high, unstable places I could do that too! Uhhh.... no, I don't think so. I'll stick with my fairly easy to moderate hikes that do not require anything other than a water bottle, small first aid kit, pepper spray, and my cameras. If a rope is needed in any way then chances are I will not be on THAT hike! Then there is another writer I am following who is having some health issues with her husband. I read it because it is real. Her feelings are raw. I have laughed at some of her stories, and others I had a tear in my eye as I nodded in knowing agreement (she was talking about her kids going out on their own).
The things people write about... love, family, beliefs, grief, travel and home -- now this is life. Not the commercial life of reality TV, but REAL life documented by real people.
Thanks to everyone who writes so the rest of us can experience your life with you!

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ZenPanda said...

It was on blogger not flickr that I "met" you! LOL
It was nice to meet both of you last night. See you next month!