Monday, October 13, 2008

Burrrr! It's Cold Outside!

Snow along I-15 near Cascade
Hey! What happened to Fall? I went home Friday night with all the intentions of doing everything I said I was going to do. It seems 'ol Mom Nature decided differently. The wind kicked up in the late evening hours dropping the temperatures, and brought in the clouds. When I spoke to Joe on Saturday morning, he said it was snowing in Great Falls. I was trying to be optimistic and hope against all odds that the snow would stay in the north. Unfortunately, by the time Joe arrived in Helena early Saturday evening the snow flurries had begun... and the wind was still blowing hard and cold. We decided to brave the wind chill and see if we could at least remove the starter from Krystle's car. Of course, as these things tend to do, the starter went bad right out side of her job and of course, she HAD to park over a huge puddle. To make a long story shorter, we towed the car to a nearby parking lot, jacked it up, crawled under (yes, got dirt in the eyes), and said..."oh shit!" There is NO way we can work on this stupid, bleeping, starter without a vehicle lift. (The car is now sitting outside of our favorite mechanics garage. There is a point in your life when you decide some things just aren't worth the effort and call in the pros!)
As we were playing on the ground under said car, the snow began. By the time we grabbed a bite to eat and made it back to my place (9 miles out of town) the ground was turning white. I said a mental prayer, then sent a TXT to Krystle to drive MY Rav4 very carefully home from work (She has been using it ever since hers broke down).
Now, if you read my previous post, Joe and I were going to help some friends move to Deer Lodge, but when we got up at 7am on Sunday morning, there was a few inches of snow and more falling fast. We decided to head over to Barb and Jeff's to see what they thought, and after looking at the road reports and Highway Cams we all decided to postpone the move to another weekend. Jeff made us one of his signature breakfasts (YUM) and we all sat around the kitchen table killing time while watching it snow like a bat out of Hell.
Now that all our plans and good intentions were thrown out the window, Joe and I went back to my place and did our best to be lazy. We haven't had a truly lazy Sunday in a LONG time so it was a special treat. Joe made me some of his mothers Potato Soup that he had been promising to make me for ten (yes, TEN) years. It was very good, and Krystle even graced us with an appearance from out of her room when she realized food was being cooked.
So, what was supposed to be a full Sunday turned into a relaxing day. It is now Monday, the snow is just about melted away, and the sun was shining bright all day. Of course, I had to be at work..... Figures!

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david said...

As much as I love snow - and seeing Great Falls blanketed with it even in October! - the reality of driving in it sends shivers (of fear) down my spine sometimes.