Thursday, October 30, 2008

How 'bout being a windmill for Halloween?

Here we are, Halloween is tomorrow, so that means election day is fast approaching. Many people I have talked to have already cast their ballots. I haven't, but I will have to vote early. Monday, to be exact. I don't think I want to drive to Helena on Monday night just so I can vote on Tuesday, when I can save a round trip and just do it before I leave Helena on Monday morning. This political season has been a long one and I am glad it is almost over.

On a whole 'nuther thing, I just read a news story of a study on the health affects of Daylight savings time. It seems that there are less heart attacks on the Monday after "falling back" then on any other normal Monday, but just to even things out in the grand scheme of things, there are more heart attacks on the Monday after "springing forward". The scientists are crediting (or blaming, depending on the season) the hour change in sleeping patterns. I keep telling "morning-person-Joe" I need my beauty sleep, now I can cite proof! Yeah, any excuse to be able to sleep in!

In keeping with the pseudo-political theme here, I just placed a widget (Hey! I don't name them!) here for the Pickens Plan. If you don't know what that is, check it out. If you do, and agree to it, then by all means, sign on! I have long thought we should not be dependent on fossil fuels, and although Mr. Pickens wants to change more cars to Natural Gas, which is a fossil fuel, I think he is heading in the right direction with his wind power. I think the potential of wind energy is in its infancy. With more attention being made to the benefits of wind power I foresee there will be alot of research into better, more efficient, or quieter turbines. I have been to the Judith Gap wind farm and it is amazing to stand there among the giant windmills. I have read some reports from some who are against the wind farms, citing they block the natural view, kill birds, and the constant whoosh-whoosh sound is enough to drive a person crazy. Now, I haven't done any research on this, but I would think the turbines don't kill as many birds as cars and trucks do, they don't block as much of the view as a cloud of smog (and don't smell as bad, neither), and I am sure a person gets used to the sound just as people in the city get used to sirens, people by the railroad tracks get used to trains, and people on the ranches get used to cows mooing. I, for one, would much rather stand in the middle of a wind farm, then drive over Great Falls' 9th street bridge and smell the sulphur and other stomach turning scents belching from the refinery.

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