Friday, October 10, 2008

Just a few moments.....

I am writing this in the last 15 minutes before we close the shop. I'm the lucky one that gets Saturdays off, while Joe has to work. This does put a bit of a damper on weekend plans, but we manage. I use Saturday mornings to do laundry and house work... if I don't get side tracked with a mindless video game like Zuma or Bejeweled 2.
It looks like the road in front of the business may be open by the end of next week... if the weather holds. It was too cold today for them to do any work (pussies). It was 38 degrees today so they couldn't pour concrete, and that is where they are right now... curbs are done, they just have to do the entrance areas to the parking lots and alleys. It will be SO nice to have the road open again.
This weekend looks to be busy. We (Joe and I) are taking out the air conditioners then we may have to help Krystle change out a starter in her car. She doesn't seem to have any guy friends who know anything about basic car repairs. What happened to ALL guys knowing about car repairs? But, I digress... back to the weekend projects. On Sunday Joe and I will, once again, be helping Jeff and Barb with their move to Deer Lodge. It looks like this will be the final trip, hauling all the basic stuff they needed to live with before the move was final. Did I mention that I really hate moving-- so I have compassion for anyone who has to go through it.
Time is up... time to go! Weekend is starting......................!!!

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