Thursday, October 23, 2008

More photos of Glacier Park

Looking down into the McDonald Creek Valley. The Going To The Sun Highway follows the river through the valley before climbing to Logan Pass.

Clouds cresting Logan Pass from the east. In a matter of minutes the clouds had surrounded the base of the peaks surrounding the pass.....Mount Oberlin peaking above the clouds.

Me trying to be artistic! It was a very bright afternoon and many of my photos turned out with a washed- out look. These photos, by the way, were taken with a camera that I am not used to using. Joe upgraded his digital camera and gave me his old one since the one I had decided to die on me. This is along the shores of Lake McDonald in Glacier Park.

Fall in Glacier National Park. Taken along the Going To The Sun Highway.


Pepe Lepew said...

Hey, I just climbed Mount Oberlin!

ohn said...

What a BEAUTIFUL part of the world!

binky76 said...

I've been looking for something "naturish" to photograph, but I'm not sure I could top these. Lovely.