Saturday, January 24, 2009

If I was a horse, I'd have been shot!

Today can be summed up in very few words. I don't feel well.

I woke up at about 5am sneezing and stuffy. Allergies. I hate 'em. I drugged myself then fell back asleep about an hour (and half box of kleenex) later when the pills finally took hold. If dealing with my allergies wasn't enough, my entire body hurts. OK, not the entire thing, but enough of it to make it seem that way. (For those new here, I suffer from Rheumetoid Arthritis)
I went to bed last night with slight pain in my neck (from a displaced cervical disk) and my legs were uncomfortable. Tylenol helped, but I slept fitfully until after 1:30am. Then the 5am sneezing thing. Then I tried to crawl out of bed at 9:30, but my body revolted against me and demanded I just roll over and sleep some more... so I did. 10:30 nature called, and I felt like I needed a walker just to get there. My feet and ankles hurt SO bad, the knees didn't want to bend, my lower back was nearly seized up (regular arthritis there from a 1985 broken pelvis), and my hands were so affected I could hardly move them. On top of all of that unpleantness, that monthly womanly curse is upon me as well. I stumbled into the bathroom, took more Tylenol, fell back into bed and slept until the cell phone rang at 12:15!! Yep!! I chatted for a few minutes, thought I was getting up and showering, but I actually just rolled back over and slept for another hour. DAMN!! I know my body does this. When I am in major pain it just shuts down and I sleep. I finally got up and moved around a bit to loosen up the seized up joints. Well, hopefully the rest of the weekend is better!


OHN said...

Your body was telling you something...listen to it and sleep all you will heal so much faster :)

Sandra said...

You just need to follow what your body is saying and if it wants to sleep all day, then so be it, get as much rest as you can so you'll feel better.

Will keep you in my prayers :)

Chief Rock Chef said...

I hope the rest of the weekend was better than that too!

OHN is right - if you sleep like that it is because you need it!

Chief Rock Chef said...

How are you now? Better I hope!