Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where Did Everyone Come From?!

Wow! I just logged on and see I have TEN followers! I have been happy with just the five that have been tagging along since I first began blogging back in the fall. OK, so four of those are actual personal friends who just want to know what I am doing from week to week. In just two weeks I have doubled my followers! And here I was thinking I was pretty much just talking to myself and wasting away the slower times here at work. *I can admit to this because as I am sitting here writing this, my boss is sitting next to me surfing Craigslist!!*

I have noticed I am picking up some regular readers. I always check out my Live Traffic Feed and am amazed at some of the places folks have wandered in from. The World Wide Web is truly an awesome place (I mean that in it's true context-- Awe Inspiring). I'd love to hear some comments from some of you readers out there, even if it is just a "hello"!

Now, what I really was going to write about!
A few days ago I announced to the world that I was to begin eating healthier and exercise more. Guess what? Here it is, the 6th of January and I have not fallen off the wagon, so to speak. Sure, there have been a few times I have been barely hanging on, but I have not totally lost grip yet.
This past weekend I went to that Big Box Store everyone loves to hate (but we all still shop there) and ended up in the fitness section. Ok, I admit I was only in that section because I had to pick up some oil for the Rav-4 and the auto section is one isle away from the fitness section. Anyways... I picked up the two latest issues of Shape Magazine. I used to read this publication when I was younger and healthier, and this particular magazine was in its infancy. I have to say, I liked it much better back then. The articles were geared for the novice, average people who needed a little knowledge, and involved easy recipes or exercises that could be done in a gym, or at home using everyday items (canned goods for weights, sturdy chairs, porch steps, etc). Now it is a glossy paged glamor mag, with style sections showing Dulce & Gabonna purses and $1000 dresses. Most of the articles or exercises are things related to speciality equipment that only speciality gyms have. SOooo, I was flipping through these mags, while Krystle was sitting on the couch next to me munching on French Onion dip and Potato Chips. You can see this coming... I reached over and grabbed a handful (but I did skip the dip).
Later that day, Krystle just HAD to mention there were three hand-dipped, speciality shop chocolate covered cherries left over from the holidays. She doesn't care for the regular boxed varieties, so she was asking if these ones were really that different. I had not tried one, as I was the person who purchased them for the relatives to indulge on. So... yep, you know this one too... I ate one. YUMMM.... Soooo Gooood!!! Much better than store bought boxed varieties.
Now, since I was feeling a bit guilty about reading a fitness mag while eating chips and later chocolate confections... I put in an exercise DVD. I did a 20 minute workout, and realized that I am no longer the 20-something, NOR the 30-something person I used to be! I could keep up with the low-impact foot work, but I had to drop the hand/arm movements because I was feeling my out-of-shape-ness.
I am happy that I have almost purged soda from my daily intake of junk. I have had trouble with that very first sugar-caffeine hit of the day, but I am limiting it to 10 ounces or less most mornings. That would be half a standard 20 oz bottle. In my mind, I counteract this transgression by taking my vitamins with it...LOL.
I have been hopping on the elliptical trainer, too. I only did about 5 minutes yesterday evening, then about 5 minutes this morning. Joe and I both have not been feeling well, both of us having minor flu-like symptoms, but we are both upright and fairly functional. I hope to keep up even a small amount of exercise daily if I can. He is blaming his illness on the lack of fat and fast food! He is sure that the healthy lifestyle is making him feel worse...Hmmmm, he may have a point there....LOL


Pepe Lepew said...

You have followers because you have a nice blog. Not like my angry, political blog.

Chief Rock Chef said...

I am following you because after you visited me, I visited back and liked what I read.

I gained 9 pounds over Christmas, but this should go as I cycle 18 miles each day to and from work. I drink Coke and each chocolate too!

My wife is starting a new regime, and is happy that we are now getting to see the latest season of Biggest Loser. She works out on the cross-trainer while watching stuff like this.

Don't fret over the odd bit of bad food - I think that dropping it totally is bad for you anyway!

tz said...

hmmm, this could be why I should be a contestant on biggest loser, I eat icecream while watching the new season instead of working out on a cross trainer!

great news on day six of doing well! that's fantastic! I didn't make it 6 hours...

Michele said...

Thanks for the laughs, my precious followers!
Pepe, I follow you because you have wonderful stories of mountain climbing (which I really wish I could do).
CRC, I just "met" you and like what I have seen.... EIGHTEEN MILES EACH DAY??!! Damn! You are now my God of fitness!
TZ- I think it is very common to watch (or read) fitness stuff while doing some very unhealthy eating! At least, that is what I tell myself as I join you with that bowl of ice cream-- sitting on that comfy couch!

Thanks for all the kind words!

Jennifer said...

Followers... like a cult of Michelle!
We are looking forward to seeing you guys at the event on the 24th!

Chief Rock Chef said...

God of Fitness? I like that! Not sure I really deserve it, but hey, I am not going to argue!