Friday, January 9, 2009

Yep, I DID say Nudist Camp!

I have been thinking about writing about a few different things. The first subject was writing about one of the "ones that got away". I am sure we all have a story about someone in our past who we let walk away and years later we wonder "What If...". I have one that seems to haunt those sleepless nights, creeping in uninvited.

The other subject I thought to write about was an extension on one of my answers from yesterday. Since that subject is still fresh here, I will go with it.

In my answers to "things I want to do before I die" I mentioned I would like to go to a nudist camp. Oh Hush!! I hear the murmurs from the peanut gallery!!
This is the event which planted the seeds of this strange idea in my head:
I have a good friend who has travelled all over the US and even some places overseas. He is a fellow writer and we met at a writers conference. One evening, while enjoying drinks and good company at his mountain cabin he asked if Joe and I wanted to see some photos of his last trip. Since his photos are always accompanied by great stories, we most certainly were willing.
After a few computer files of various photos and his reminiscing, he opened a photo file and quickly closed it saying he didn't think we would be interested in those ones. After a bit of goading, we got the story. This friend had visited a nudest camp for a few days and it changed his views on some of the trappings of society. THEN he showed us the photo file. The people in the pictures were all very happy folks. Most of them were older. There was just this sense of freedom and oneness with nature. A childlike happiness. There was no feeling of sexual tensions or shame that accompanies many people who are undressed. These were not beautiful people, but very ordinary. They had tummies, wrinkles, and sags but nobody seemed to be worried about how their bodies looked. My first thought was "This is awesome!"

Before that evening, I had never given a thought one way or the other about these camps or beaches. I have always lived with a "Do what makes you happy, just don't push your beliefs onto me" attitude. It has been quite a few months since that evening, and I find myself remembering the happiness and joy in those strangers faces in the photos.
Now that I have had some time to think, here are my thoughts on the whole idea. I know that being naked is not "dirty", "nasty", or something to be ashamed of. These views are learned behavior. Anyone who has had small kids around have seen the naked kid just out of the bath run from the bathroom throughout the house, using the towel more as a cape than a cover-up. They are always laughing and have no clue that in only a few short years they will no longer be able to behave "that way". It is as natural as one can get. There are many cultures in which women do not wear tops, and never have. Then there are the places like Rio and the Riviera where women have the option to be topless. Then there are places like the California and Florida beaches were women prance around in string bikinis with only three itty-bitty triangles strategically placed on their bodies. Hell, I have washcloths with more to them than some of these swimsuits! We all know what is under the fabric. It is only our CULTURE that makes us cover up our bodies. It was the early Europeans that decided the body must be covered, and we civilized cultures still hang on to those beliefs.
I think a few days of living life without the rules of society deciding what, or how much, I have to wear (or cover up) would be very enlightening. A feeling of being one with the sun and the wind with other like minded people. A place like that may make me enjoy MY body more, with all of its varied bulges and sags. I'd like to give it a try, in any case. If I felt uneasy, I could always leave. I would at the very least be able to say "Yep! I did that!"
(Also, Think of the stories that would be past on for generations.... hahaha)


Chief Rock Chef said...

There is a beach near me that was once, very briefly, an official nudist beach. Since then it has remained an unofficial one, even though it how has huge signs saying that it isn't! I have never been there, mainly because when I was young I was very very thin and have deformed ribs. I am now much more comfortable with how I look but still don't like getting my chest out, never mind anything else! Besides, guys have a certain part that has a mind of its own and I just can't imagine myself wandering around casually with a...

But by all means, go ahead and do it! You will have a blast I am sure!

firefighter said...

No one cares what you look like. As for the guys certain part it is a non-issue.It has never been a problem for me nor have I ever seen another guy having a problem.
It's such a relaxed atmosphere that it just doesn't happen.I have never been to a nude beach but I go to a local resort and am a member of a local non-landed club.I have met some of the nicest people on the planet at both.

Michele said...

Chief Rock-- for some reason I have the Mother Goose rhyme "Wee Willie Winkie" running through my head after reading your comment. LOL
Thanks for the encouragment! Now I just need to find the "guts" to actually DO it!

Jennifer said...

Great topic. Iffin you are gonna try it out, start slow. Spend a day at home nude to get comfortable being nude for long periods of time. Too bad there aren't alot of nude resorts in Montana. I hear Washington has a bunch but haven't looked much further into it.

SteveNTL said...

Try it! You will regret all the time gone by before discovering this joy. Visit Oregon, where we have two state recognized clothing-optional beaches, and several nice resorts. Of course, Montana is beautiful and wild, and there are lots of places, I am sure, to enjoy the outdoors in a natural condition. Most naturist resorts will be clothing-optional for women, except at the pool, so you can disrobe as you are comfortable - when everyone else is nude and vulnerable, and accepting, comfort comes very quickly. Best wishes - enjoyed your blog. Steve NTL