Friday, January 23, 2009

The Laptop and I had a fight....!

Old business first-- here are the links to the original posts that should have been attached to the interviews:
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Thanks for your questions! That was fun. If anyone wants to be interviewed by Me, just post a comment.

OK, now on to our regularly scheduled post!
For the main part of the week I have been struggling with my wireless connection here on my laptop. I had purchased an upgrade to the Belkin USB wireless card I use, installed the new software, and attempted to get online. The computer would "see" the wireless network, but refused to connect to it. All day on Tuesday and a good part of Wednesday I tried to troubleshoot the problem between the customers and repair work (yeah, real work had to come first). I even called my ex-husband (a computer guru) for advice. Now, I can get around a computer a bit, but I by no means what-so-ever really know much about these little machines. I am always afraid to ask for advice because while I may understand the first sentence or two, after that my eyes kinda glaze over and all my ears hear is "Blah Blah Blab blah Blah". From what I understood, my computer was trying to use both the old and the updated drivers (even though I had uninstalled the previous version) at the same time, cancelling each other out (or something like that). There is a file that stores any drivers a computer used during it's life that could be cleared, but that is a last resort. OK, I was at the blah-blah stage by now!! (Think-- adults "speaking" in the old Charlie Brown movies).
Exasperated I asked WHAT CAN I DO??!! Of course, the answer was easy. Just re-install the old software and use the old card! DUH!!!!! So, I am seemingly out $35, but live and learn, I guess.
I had taken my laptop home last weekend, and only brought it and the new card, installation disk, etc with me to work. I had to wait until I drove to Helena, found the old software disk, then bring the old stuff back to work. Yesterday (Thursday) I was able to re-install the old card. Guess what? Yep, all the old stuff is working like a champ! YEA!!!!!

Have I ever mentioned I have a love/hate relationship with computers? I love 'em when they are working just like they should.... but as soon as they start acting up I really hate dealing with them. It is one of the very few things that really stress me out.

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The Manly Man said...

The Manly Man feels your pain. Computer problems drive me crazy too, especially when I can't figure them out... It's like a puzzle I can't solve- Infuriating!