Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some People....!!

Today is going to be a few random items that have been simmering in my brain today.

You know what really burns my butt? When you make a deal with someone and they go behind your back and don't follow through. What happened, do I hear you asking? There was a posting on Craigslist for a free couch. I went on Monday night and took a look. It was decent and I told the guy I would like to have it, but I was without a full size truck until Wednesday evening. He said that would be alright. SO, last night I called him to make arrangements on a pick up time and he told me "I had Goodwill come and take it". WHAT??!! Why did he say it was ok to wait till Wednesday if it really wasn't? If he knew it was being taken by ME on Wednesday, why did he call charity to come and get it? AARRGGGGHHH!!! Yeah, I was steamed all night over that one.

Since I was already peeved before I headed home, I was not amused by all the stupid drivers that occupy the highways with me. I really hate the drivers who refuse to dim their lights. I'm not only talking about the jerks who are coming from the other direction, but the really arrogant ones who are travelling 20 miles an hour over the speed limit (or more), weaving in and out of traffic, barrelling down on you like you are sitting still, all the while keeping their bright lights on. Then they get right on your ass-end before getting into the passing lane, jump right back in barely passed you, spraying winter road sand (pebbles) all over the windshield... usually leaving a star in the glass. Yeah... those ones! I had one do that to me last night, then he stopped at the rest area (too much beer in the bladder, maybe?)... only to do an encore performance. I called him all kinds of colorful names that I will not repeat here.

And now I will leave you on a lighter note... It is now day 15 of the new year, and the new diet. I am still doing OK. I weighed myself this morning and found I have lost a solid five pounds! I have decided to try and stay off the scale except on the 1st and the 15th of every month. I did have a small fast food burger one evening, and Joe and I had pizza on Tuesday, but all in all, we are sticking to healthier eating. Neither one of us have had soda's throughout the day, and fast food lunches have been non-existent this year. My sleep patterns have improved, my mood is better, and, yes, I do feel a little better, too. I'll keep you posted.....

Ahhhh...getting all that out of my head is SO nice!


Sandra said...

Some people really are annoying, I mean honestly. Sorry you had to deal with that.

Thank you for delurking on my blog, I'm adding yours to my google reader :)

Chief Rock Chef said...

I posted a comment here last week! Where did it go?

Anyway, I hate it when people say you can have something and then get rid of it! Argh!

Also the bad driver thing - as a cyclist my basic attitude is that they all want to kill me!

Chief Rock Chef said...


Can't get your email to work, so I am posting your interview questions here. Hope you find them!

1. The earliest thing I can remember is being in a pushchair and falling out if it into the road. What is your earliest memory?

2. I suspect that you get some rather unpleasant weather where you live. Have you ever thought of trying to escape from it, moving to somewhere else?

3. When you worked at the radio station did you get to rub shoulders with any famous, or almost famous, people?

4. The eagle that you featured a while ago is wonderful. What other wildlife do you get to see where you are?

5. (Stolen from Ali because I love this question). If you could have one super-power what would it be? What would your super-hero name be?

tz said...

that was not nice!
okay, so I emailed you some questions...let me know if you get them...if you don't, email me from my blog so I can get your email that way...looks like CRC had some problems...

oooh, his questions were good...