Thursday, January 29, 2009

The U.S. Banking crisis

I tried to do something new to me, but couldn't figure out how! I have never tried to attach a YouTube video before, and failed! Tips on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.
BUT, since this is one video that is really worth watching, here is the link and a quote from the page I found it on-
"This video drives home a point: we have entered a new era. We have just barely entered it. Our world will not be the same for much longer.
This is what a home-brew video can do. After seeing it, you may have doubts about the financial media. They never explained things this way

I was directed to this from another blogger: k. Baxter's Survival Kitchen


Chief Rock Chef said...


This is how you do it.

In Youtube you copy the section of code that is in the Embed box to the right of the screen.

Go to Blogger and switch to HTML view, pasting in the Youtube code where you want it.

Switch back to normal view in Blogger, finish the post and publish away.

Will have to leave your link until next week - off home now!

Have a good one!

Michele said...

Ahhh-- switch to HTML view! That is what I was not doing. Like "they" say, learn how to do something new every day!
Thanks for the instruction, CRC!