Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Is it spring yet?

I can't wait until spring. I am tired of it being pitch dark before I even leave work at 6pm. I am one of those rare breeds of people who love to live here in Montana, but can't stand the winters. It is not so much the snow, cold temperatures, or driving on bad wintry roads. I really don't like being stuck in the dark for so many hours a day (night?). Yeah, I know the solstice was on Dec 21st, so yeah, I know the days are getting longer... but at THREE minutes a day?! Today the sunrise was at 8:11AM, the sunset was at 4:58pm. Eight to Five. Since when does the sun work the same hours as much of the United States?

I guess it goes without saying that my favorite day of the year is the Summer Solstice. Here in Montana the sky is light until 10:30pm, and the morning light streaks across the sky about 4am. You are able to head out for a mountain hike early, and arrive back at camp (or even home) before the sun sets. Right now? It is dark when the alarm goes off, then dark long before the work day is finished. There is no way to get in a bit of cross country skiing in before or after work, unless you really know the trail and don't mind skiing in the dark. My weekends are full of chores, so it doesn't look like I am going to be heading out to the trails anytime soon.

Oh well.... I guess I can still put in an aerobics DVD. Fun, Fun!!


Chief Rock Chef said...

It is like that here too, in the UK. I set off into the sunrise and it is dark by the time I leave to go home.

I don't suppose you could ski to work?

Michele said...

CRC- Hmmm, ski to work? Not very likely since when I do drive, it is 83 miles (133.5 Km). If I happen to stay in the town I work in (Great Falls), I have a friend I can stay with who is less than a block away from the shop.
** For those of you who know the road, I just had an image of me trying to XC-ski down Helena Hill! YeeeHaawwww-- CRASH!**