Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Music Of My Life

Wow! Had I known that I would gain so many visitors, I may have written about my Lifes Dreams and Journeys Yet to Take much sooner! LOL
I want to say Hello to everyone who visits from cnvillage. Your visits and comments (here and over there) have all been taken to heart. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

Now on to today's subject...
I was at home last night looking through my extensive music collection and an idea hit me. There are so many CD's that I own which I haven't taken the time to listen to in quite some time. I spend quite a number of hours in my vehicle, but for the past year I have only listened to the radio or Books on CD during my commutes. Well, last night I decided I am going to have my 300 cd changer randomly pick three CD's for me each Monday morning and those are what I am going to listen to for the week. Once a month I will fill in the empty spaces in the home CD changer with the music that didn't originally fit. Yeah, I said I have a large collection! At the top of my head I think I own close to 500 music CD's. It's no wonder there are some I haven't listened to in over a year (or more).

The purpose of this exercise? I am going to try and thin out my collection a little. I know there are going to be some CD's that I just don't care for anymore, or ones that I bought thinking I would enjoy but really didn't. Many of the latter have one or two songs I like, so maybe I'll put those songs onto my computer playlist to burn onto my I-Pod or cell phone (Sony Ericsson W580i) then sell the CD to someone who would enjoy it more than I do.

This morning (even though it is Tuesday) I was given Sheryl Crow, Billy Idol (Charmed Life), and The Foo Fighters by the "All Knowing CD Player God". I promise I'll do better next week and know the album names, too! LOL


Chief Rock Chef said...

That is a great idea. I was late switching to CDs and still have a fair amount of vinyl that I can't play :-( I am sure that I won't like a lot of it anymore, but there are bound to be gems in there that I would like on CD.

Michele said...

Hey, CRC! I have a program on my home 'puter that connects to the LP player and saves the content digitally so I can burn a CD from the LP. Contact me off list if you want to know more about it. It wasn't very expensive and I can now enjoy all my records in CD form. My e-mail is on my profile page.